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Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala and its largest city. It is the city of Sri Vishnu, the god of preservation, who lies on the multi headed Anatha Naag as Padmanabha Swamy. The city is founded on seven hills and is the hub of politics with the state secretariat lying in the centre. The verdant and sylvan landscapes of the area had motivated Mahatma Gandhi to name it ‘The Evergreen City of India’.

There is no dearth of interesting places in Trivandrum. The rich history of the area coupled with the unwavering faith of royal Travancore family members in Swami Padmanabha has made it the ultimate destination for devout Hindus. Scientific advances are also visible from the numerous temples of science that have been set up since independence.

Places in Thiruvananthapuram
Scientific footprints

In the early 1960s, Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station was set up to capitalize on the strategic location of the area which was conducive to propel rockets in space. This generated tremendous interest for rocket science in local youths and space researchers took to the local shores to explore more. Soon, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and offshoots of ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization became operative. Techno Park dedicated to IT is the first of its kind in India. About 35,000 skilled people are employed here and taking innovation to the next level.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The temple made its way to the national and international headlines after a sea of wealth was discovered here. Experts believe that if all the treasures, unearthed and untouched in sealed chambers, are counted, the same would exceed the collective GDP of many nations. Travancore kings considered themselves as Dasas or servants of Sri Vishnu. Beneath the temple, hordes of gold, silver and precious jewels were found in vaults. The architectural brilliance and splendour of the temple defies the imagination of even ace designers. The ornate Gopuram or monumental tower on the east is an example of Dravida architecture from Pandya period. The seven stories of the tower have seven golden domes atop them. The eighty feet teak wood flag post is mantled with golden leaves. The corridor was constructed in six months by a fleet of 10000 people. The monolith granite pillars have been intricately carved. Inside the sanctum sanctorum is the reclining statue of Sri Padmanabha Swami. Thiruvambadi Sree Krishnaswamy Temple is located inside the main campus. Kovalam Beach

More Places in Thiruvananthapuram
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  • Ponmudi

  • Shanghumukham Beach

  • Neyyer Dam

  • Napier Museum

  • Varkala Beach

  • Veli Village

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