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Kerala’s northernmost part is Kasargode. The place abounds in natural bounties and the picturesque spots that would leave you mesmerized and wonderstruck. Pristine beaches fringed by palm trees and the rocky promontories are manifestations of nature’s generous gifts to this place. Through the ages, the district had seen the rule of numerous kingdoms spanning from Kolathiri to Bednore to Mysore and then to the East India Company.

Place in Kasargode

Bekal Fort

12 KM south of Kasargod is the famous Bekal fort standing majestically at Pallikara village’s seashore. During the reign of Chirakkal kings of Kolathiri Kingdom, the heir apparent of the kingdom Vadakkelamkur used to reside in this fort. The fort was later rebuilt and improved upon by Bednore kings. In 1763 AD, Haider Ali annexed the fort and subsequently became the house of Huzur of Canara during Tipu Sultan’s reign. When East India Company took over the fort, South Canara’s Kasargod Taluk came to be known as Bekal. The Bekal fort is very well preserved and is maintained by the Archeological Department of the Government of India. Tourists desirous of exploring the magnificent fort at their leisure can book a stay in the Traveller’s Bungalow of Kerala Public Works Department. It lies within the fort precincts. The fort commands splendid views of the surrounding land and sea. The views of the sunrise and sunset from the fort are divine. Hanuman temple is located at the fort’s entrance. A mosque dating back to Tipu’s era is situated nearby.


Arjuna, the famous Pandava warrior from Mahabharata, had established the Shiva Lingam here in the ancient temple. Arjuna had performed austerities to please Shiva and gain the fatal Pashupata weapon from him. Lord Shiva appeared in the form of ‘Kirata’ along with his consort ‘Parvati’ to test Arjuna’s dedication. The fierce battle that ensued between Arjuna and Shiva is the legendary ‘Kiratha Yuddham’. The adjoining forest and the stream chuckling below have been bestowed with unmatched natural beauty. The place is 45 KM to the east of Kasargode.

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