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The district of Malappuram in Kerala is edged by the Nilgiri hills on the eastern side and the Arabian Sea on its western side. Located at a distance of about fifty kilometres from Kozhikode, its dense high range forests, coconut plantations and agricultural land provide the perfect picnic spots for all kinds of tourists. This part of the State is rich and plush in terms of culture as it was a colony of the Portuguese in the past. Another striking feature of this district is that St. Xavier visited this place back in the 14th century. What makes it even more interesting is that the father of Malayalam literature, Mahakavi Thunchen Ezhuthachan was born here. Earlier, this district was the headquarters of military in the time of Zamorin and the military festival of 'Mamankam' was also celebrated here. Further, Malappuram is the centre of Ayurveda College and the base of the sole Ayurvedic Mental Hospital in the country. This district has a number of places that you must visit that have been listed below:

Places in Malappuram
Pathanamthitta Mosque

This mosque in the district is an extremely famous pilgrim centre for the Muslims. The festival of 'Chandanakkudam' attracts tourist and devotees from all over the world to become a part of the grand celebrations here. Filled with colours, decorated elephants, beautiful lights, the jovial music and most importantly, the enthusiasm of the visitors and participants, this festival is an experience that you will surely cherish for many years to come.


This destination is located at a distance of only six kilometres from the town of Pathanamthitta. The most celebrated location within this area is the sacred tomb of an illustrious Christian patriarch- Mar Ignatius 111. This tomb has preserved the mortal remains of the said Christian revered personality. Here, the month of February witnesses a grand festival.

More Places in Malappuram
  • Malayalappuzha

  • Kadammanitta

  • Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha Temple

  • Kozhencherry and Charalkunnu

  • Aranmula

  • Vijnana Kalavedi

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