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Palakkad is nestled in the Western Ghats. The idyllic beauty replete with verdant landscapes, exotic flora, evergreen tropical forests, rare species of fauna, and imposing monuments is verily a place that should sit at the top of any tourist’s itinerary. People desirous of ayurvedic healing can visit the traditional treatment centres and recuperate while communing with the Mother Nature. You will literally run out of time while exploring interesting places across Palakkad. Palakkad’s myriad tourism venues are being discussed over here to assist you in getting a comprehensive and panoramic view of the offerings of the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’.

Place in Palakkad

Palakkad Fort

The imposing fort lies within the precincts of main town and has been wonderfully preserved. The granite walls of the fort stand witness to the historic turmoil that the country had been subjected to. Mysore’s valiant warrior Hyder Ali, father of Tipu Sultan, got it constructed in 1766 AD. After Tipu lost the battle to British East India Company, the fort changed hands. The spacious Fort Maidan features ‘Rappadi’, the open air auditorium, District Tourism Promotion Council’s Tourism Information Centre, and martyr’s column. Alongside the fort, there is a sprawling garden and children’s park.

Nelliampathy Hills

The mesmerizing hills with peaks covered in mist are ideal for people who are planning an escapade from the searing summer heat. The hill resort is some 75 Km from Palakkad. The rolling hills feature peaks with height ranging from 465 to 1570 meters. Excursion lovers can go trekking along the jungle trails. Seethargundu commands spellbinding views of the valley beneath. The hill sprawls over 82 sq. km area with the highest peak being Nellikotta. Other peaks worth visiting are Mayanmudi, Vellachimudi, Vela Vanchan and Valiyavana; all peaks soar beyond 1220 m from mean sea level. In close proximity is the Pothundi reservoir where you can catch sight of 1000 m high waterfall. Legend has it that Devi Sita bathed here during exile.

More Places in Palakkad
  • Malampuzha

  • Pothundy

  • JP Smirthivanam and Deer Park

  • Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre

  • The Silent Valley National Park

  • Kottayi

  • Ottappalam

  • Festivals

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